What are printing embellishments and do they really work?

Print embellishment can be divided into three layers which are specialty printing, specialty finishing, and specialty substrates. Today’s customers want more and want to experience the touch and feel of the printed product, which is very minimal nowadays since we live in a generation where much has gone digital. Smartphones, computers, tablets, and TVs have us interacting with screens more than ever. Yet, it doesn’t mean print is dead. Print is everywhere, but it has become a commodity. Adding an element of touch provides unlimited opportunities to stimulate our senses and creativity.


Customers are always looking for premiums to make their project stand out. With printing, you can both capture the prospect’s eyes and appeal to their tactile senses. The stronger the impression you leave with your printed product relates to a stronger response from the reader. 

With that in mind, smart purchasers look for a cost-effective way to make their printed piece attention grabbing. Embellishments like foil stamping, embossing, or specialty papers can be expensive.  Specialty coatings are a cost-effective alternative. These add visual dimension and tactile sensation, thus engaging and motivating the reader.

Specialty coatings work well with almost any type of printed project. For instance, a high-gloss UV coating applied to the entire surface of a piece gives a polished look. In addition, the hard surface prevents marking and scuffing.

Alternatively, instead of covering the entire surface of the piece, adding a spot UV to a particular portion of the design gives a dimensional look. By the same token, a patterned textured UV coating can be used to simulate the look and feel of linen or laid papers. Another option is spot raised UV, which can add the dimensional look and feel of embossing. A raised UV pattern also creates the illusion of a leathery, wooden, sandy, or cloth-like texture.  Other options include coating a piece with soft touch laminate to give the piece a velvety feel.

We are working very closely with Duplo, the manufacturer of our machine, to promote our new servicesthat have available great information and additional statistics on how embellishments work for presentations.  Please take a moment and listen to a few really good statistics from Dan Scheck, a National Specialty Finishing Consultant, Duplo USA Corporation.  We certainly would be happy to get you additional statistics, just let us know!



The great advantage of all of these coatings is that they can all be applied inline on press without the added time and cost of separate operations.For immediate pricing call us at (440) 591-5443 or email us at help@povprintingservices.com