Our online self-mailer brochure can save you 25-30% in costs

Create envelope brochures online—backed by design and technical support from POV Solution 


Looking for a cheaper—and easier—option for request mailers or donation brochures? POV’s folded self-mailer templates let you combine your brochure and return envelope into one piece.

  • Save 25% to 30% in costs compared to using a conventional, multi-piece mailer
  • Enjoy the ease and efficiency of designing and sending a single brochure-mailer
  • Make it easy for people to respond thanks to a perforated self-enclosed, sealable envelope
  • Benefit from valuable design and technical support from our helpful staff


“The donation brochures have been so well-received we’ve ordered two additional printings!” 

Rita Larkin, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation


An innovative self-mailer template that eliminates time-consuming steps


Designing and assembling brochure mailers typically requires creating multiple pieces, stuffing envelopes by hand, and incurring high postage costs. 


POV’s self-mailer brochure envelope lets you do it all at once: Tell your story, describe your need, make your request, and present a simple-to-use return envelope—all in a single, easy-to-distribute mailer brochure! Here's how it works:



Choose from our 3, 4, 5, or 6-panel all-in-one mailer brochure templates


POV Solution gives you a wide range of sizes to choose from:


3-Panel Self-Contained Request Mailer Template (PDF | ID)

4-Panel Self-Contained Request Mailer Template (PDF | ID)

5-Panel Self-Contained Request Mailer Template (PDF | ID)

6-Panel Self-Contained Request Mailer Template (PDF | ID)


The overall length of your one-piece brochure mailer depends on how many panels you choose. Note that all standard sizes and styles fold to a final size of 3.812 x 8.5. Choose how many panels you want to purchase on our order form. Posted prices are based on average times and are subject for review when we begin your project.

“POV Solutions is a nonprofit marketing and development person’s best friend.”

Cheryl Senko, Koinonia Homes


Combining convenient online printing with expert design and technical support

Ordering your self-mailer brochure online with POV Solution also gives you access to our exceptional support team. They’re happy to provide design services and technical insights that can make a real difference in the success of your brochure. 

Award-winning design support 

POV Solution has a team of award-winning designers to help with the layout of your envelope. When you place an order, let us know if you need help, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

A technical eye for critical details

No matter the size of your project, we do all we can to catch potential problems with your print file—and prevent expensive errors. We’ll be looking to see … 

  • Are your folds right? 
  • Are your bleeds correct? 
  • Does it meet postal code requirements?

If we find a problem, we’ll let you know. You’ll then have the option to fix it yourself, or we can do it for you!


“The web-to-print system has been invaluable to our business in saving both time and money.”

Emily Moshier, Davis Automotive Group-BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover


Mailing Information and Permits


Our base mailing prices DO NOT include an actual postage amount. This amount is estimated after we receive your list and prep for distribution. Lists available for purchase is necessary. Please note that you can attach the list that you would like to use when ordering. If you need us to dedupe your list, please identify which field(s) in the additional instructions.


The customer understands that all quotations for mail services are for a full release at one time without storage unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Payment for postage will be made to the U.S. Postmaster via check. The customer’s failure to submit certified funds payable to the U.S. Postmaster and received at POV in advance of the mail date will delay the mailing.


If you are mailing as a NON-PROFIT - please give us your "US Postal Authorization Number" in the special notes section. If you have your own permit - we will contact you to get a transfer request to mail from our central processing center in Cleveland. Using our Mailing services and need to use or permit? No problem, visit our permit page.

Get started today!


POV Solutions wants you to feel comfortable and confident about your order. To make the process as smooth as possible, we suggest the following:


For an estimate: Fill out our pricing engine order form on the individual brochure order pages (displayed above).


To order immediately: Complete the online order form on the brochure pages OR contact POV Solutions by calling us at (440) 591-5443.


Please note that POV Solutions can create brochure sizes not listed. We can also personalize your self-mailer brochures and handle their distribution with our direct mailing services. Contact us for more information or for any questions you have!