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Just because your materials are printed doesn’t mean you’re ready to distribute them. Your collateral can go from good to downright keepsake-worthy with the right finishing services. 


POV Solution provides bindery and finishing services for a wide range of needs. Just as important, our production floor is optimized for a faster turnaround. Plus, we welcome your project questions because, with over 30 years of experience, we’re prepared to answer them! 


Scroll down to check out the services we can provide to make your bindery and finishing projects go smoothly. Or contact us now to get your project rolling! 


Cutting services to start the finishing process outright

Precision cutting and trimming services are absolutely essential for print materials to look great. We set high standards for accuracy so that customers can trust we’ll get this critical step exactly right.



Scoring services for heavy-weight papers, cardstock, and cardboard

Present better quality material with crisp fold lines that look great, serve as a reliable ”hinge,” and won’t fold or buckle. Scoring is essential for high-quality brochures, folders, menus, small booklets, and more.



Perforation printing to create single-piece materials that can easily be separated

When you have material that enables customers to tear along a perforated crease, you’re opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. Our perforation services work great for coupons, flyers, detachable envelopes, and any other items you want your recipients to easily tear off.


Check out how our digital die-cutting machine cuts and scores—and does perforations. This technology makes higher-end print materials more affordable than ever!



Folding services to meet almost any project need

From half-folds to accordion folds and beyond, we’ve worked on just about every folding technique there is. What style of folding will help you best present your message? POV Solution can help with whatever your folding needs are.



Glueing services for a variety of print material 

Don’t underestimate the importance of great quality glueing services. We can provide more conventional glueing services for materials like booklets. But we also offer remoistenable glue, peel and seal, and “fugitive” glue, which can bond items together yet still allows them to be easily separated (like a sticky note). Don't forget our self-mailer brochures that are a great ALL-IN-ONE mailing!


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