Custom Printed Boxes

One of the hottest areas in the printing business is now having the ability to produce custom printed boxes with no minimum! Until recently, you would need to have a die made for your box project that would add extra set-up cost and time and virtually make too expensive to produce cheap custom boxes. With the introduction of our digital die cutting and laser die cutting facility we can produce your custom packaging boxes with logo quickly and inexpensively.


Coming up with the technology of making custom boxes for business will really change how customers can strategize their products. Being able to make cheap custom boxes will allow the customer to start to get even that much more personal with their products and presentation to the end user. Wanting to produce custom display boxes or custom donation boxes, no problem. Use custom boxes with a company logo to make sure your products or services stand out from your competition.

Here are several ideas how you can use custom printed boxes for your next project

  • Custom Wine Boxes
  • Custom Display Boxes
  • Custom Retail Boxes
  • Custom Printed Gift Boxes
  • Custom Donation Boxes
  • Custom Promotion Boxes

We specialize in custom leave behinds - and leave behind literature. Use a device such as our Sprinter Van card board box to house your products.

We are your experts on the best leave behind marketing concepts. If your firm delivers goods and/or services, you might want to consider using a unique handout featuring your firm’s logo and address. The leave behind Sprinter Van handout is a great way to literally deliver your firm’s messages both on the van’s exterior and also in the cargo area where printed messages and/or goodies can be the payload. More often than not these creative leave behinds end up on prospect or customers credenza’s serving to help position your firm in a sea of competition and they help convey memorable thank you sentiments. They are also great for trade show handouts.

Van size is 8 ½” L x 3” W x 3 5/8”H Sprint Van delivered flat with drop bottom printed full color one side.


Looking for a creative way to present your products and services? How about a custom presentation box designed and produced just for you!

Being in business for over 30 years - this is probably the coolest advancement in printing we have seen. This concept of "Custom die cutting with no minimums" really opens the door for customers to take the printing and die cutting services to whichever level they can dream! We have integrated these custom printed presentation box ideas into our own marketing, Our sales team distributes about 750 boxes every quarter based on a different theme. Who doesn't like to get a box with stuff inside. Printing promotion ideas are endless. These cheap custom boxes and other custom branding ideas will put you ahead of your competition.

Key advantages of digital die cutting

  • custom boxes with logos
  • custom printed boxes no minimum
  • affordable custom die cut brochure printing projects
  • allows you to generate great printing promotion ideas
  • Process is digital, so generating die cutting proofs is easy!

So how does it work?

Making cheap custom boxes is using a digital plotter that is fully digital. The designer makes a dieline template that replicates what we are going to cut. The dieline will carry all of the information for the box that illustrates not only where we are gutting - but scoring as well. As the plotter head passes over the media, it cuts and scores at the same time. It does one sheet at a time. We encourage our customers to send us templates as they are starting to work on box projects so we can help them get the template just right! We can even print out samples for you to make sure the die cutting is exactly what you are expecting.

This new technology "Digital Die Cutting" is kind of just what it sounds like. The machines we are discussing are designed for short run projects that do not exceed the dimension of 20' x 28'. Through a process called "contour cutting", or machine uses software to look at your vector based dieline and then translates that file directly to the machine that will begin to die cut once the information is rendered. You can control the type of die cut printing, scoring, cutting, perfing, kiss cutting (not cutting all the way through) by creating multiple layers in your die-lines. And the magical answer is yes! you can create one or as many as you need!

A few cool ideas! - that we offer

  • custom die cut brochure printing
  • die cut business card printing
  • die cut invitation printing
  • custom packaging boxes with logos
  • die cut magnet printing
  • custom printed presentation boxes


The Nuts and Bolts of our Digital Die Cutting machine

  • Maximum cutting area - 17.91' x 24.83'
  • Material we can cut paper / film / rigid polyester / folding board / magnetic media / cardboard

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