Custom Printed Literature Brochure Holders

With the introduction of our new digital die-cutting facility, we can now offer custom literature brochure holders at very low quantities! Our literature holders are printed specifically for you! Download our brochure holder design template and layout your custom tabletop brochure holder to match your entire marketing campaign. These collapsible brochure holders are a great way to tie all of your marketing pieces together. Printed in full color, double sided on our our house 24# Coated 2 side sheet.


Commonly referred to as a printed tri-fold brochure holder, printed literature holders or pop-up stands, these cardboard literature holders can also hold rack cards, bi-folds or flyers. We offer 2 different sizes. Our small literature holder is 4" x 7.5" and our large literature holder is 8.75" x 11.875". These free-standing brochure holder displays are perfect for any high-traffic area. Looking for a way to make sure your customers don't forget to take a little more information on your business and services, place these brochure holders strategically throughout your office for easy access. Our table brochure holders are printed in full color and can easily showcase your company logo and other important information to get your business noticed.


Need just a few, that is the best news!. We have no extra hidden cost, Being produced entirely digital - we already have figured full color and our cutting system is fully digital, so no dies. If you need a little help, - just place your order and choose the layout option and we will reach out to you to help you capture your brand identity for your custom brochure holder.


Start your order process

1). Download our free custom template (pick the size that works best for you)

2). Choose how many you would like to order

3). Decide if you need help with layout, we can help you if you need graphic design assistance!

4). Decide if you want a pdf proof

5). Attach your file and submit your order


For pricing and to order our small cardboard printed literature holder designed for standard rack cards and trifold brochures. Our small literature holder is 4" x 7.5"

For pricing and to order our large cardboard printed literature holder designed for flyers, catalogs, newsletters and magazines. Our large literature holder is 8.75" x 11.875"

Template for Brochure Holder


Download our templates to set up your brochure holder

7.5" tall by 4" wide for the rack size    

11.25" tall by 9.4" wide for the letter size  


(layers). Do not adjust the location or dieline or your final product will not produce correctly. If you have any questions please contact Lindsey.



(They are not needed!)



Here are the nuts-n-bolts for our literature holder

Our small brochure holder stand is 7.5" tall by 4" wide for the rack size or 11.25" tall by 9.4" wide for the letter size. We only offer 2 sided printing. All of our brochure holder stands are printed in full color with bleeds on our sturdy 24pt coated 2 sided board.


The collapsible brochure holders will be delivered flat - so you will have to assemble them. We figure about 2 minutes to put each one together. Our larger box does also contain a "wing" configuration on the back to offer extra support.


Need Some Extra Help?

Don't worry - we are always happy to assist! Call us at 440.591.5443 or email us at and we will assist you immediately.