You may be asking yourself, how exciting can laminating really be - well hang on!

Yes, the digital age of technology has even effected and upgraded the laminating market to a whole new level of options. Welcome to 21st century of laminating and products that will blow your mind! Please take a few minutes and explore some of the newest laminating techniques that are available that can give any designer a clear runway for unlimited design option.

So how has laminate changed over the years

Laminating in the printing industry has been around since the early 1930's and was primarily used with organizations that had large collections, like the library of Congress. For years the cost of material, the bulky equipment required, and safety issues handling the material made laminating out of reach for mass production. In the 1950's, better products became available, less flammable and much cheaper to produce. Customers for the first time could start to use lamination for projects that wouldn't break the bank but really help protect their documents. Menus, price list, maps, membership cards where a few of the most common materials laminated for years.

Now certainly, most of us know laminate is generally used on both sides of the sheet, either flush cut or with a lip to help "seal" a sheet from any outside elements - generally moisture. We have used it for several projects over the years when we have customers who are working on coffee table publications or projects that are being handled frequently, such as a laminated menu.

Turn the clock forward! Sure, we can still depend on laminating for those same applications mentioned above, but how about now trying some new foil techniques? Did you know that we can now spot Laminate? Or how about starting with a 12pt standard coated sheet of paper and applying a black or silver laminate to the full sheet, oh and then put a foil element on top of that laminate. Catch your attention? Ideas, Ideas, Ideas...

Knowing a little more

In an article titles "Why Do Global Brands Laminate Folding Cartons" published by Steve Truan, founding partner in LuxeFilms® Group, "Many top brands now use laminates to create eye-grabbing packaging, blending tactile films and new finishing techniques to enthrall the consumer and better protect the finished carton. New finishing techniques and film laminates are allowing brands to create stunning tactile and visual effects. Designed to allure at the shelf, marketers are realizing the potential of special effects such as holography, simulated linen, soft-feeling films, Fresnel lens films, metalized surfaces and much more. The biggest thing is they attract the consumer’s eye – as 70% to 80% of purchasing decisions are made at the shelf, it’s critical to have your product stand out from your competitors’.

Why to partnership with us?

As you depend on us to provide you the best ultimate support, we also rely on our vendors to keep us current and help us work though understanding laminate products for digital technology and how to get the best quality products possible. Many of our foils and laminates come from a well-known company in the industry, NobelusTM. NobelusTM is no stranger when it comes to offering the best products and has been servicing printers around the world for decades. If we can't get you an answer - you can be sure our partnership with NobelusTM will get you the best support for your demanding needs! The below samples have been provided courtesy of NobelusTM.

Samples of Products

Photographing these samples can be extremely difficult as you can imagine. We have done our best! Below are a few popular samples. Best idea is that you reach out to us to get you hands on an actual sample as you are planning your next project!

Rainbow HolografikTM Metalized

This particular laminate as you can see changes characteristics as you change your reading perspective. The metallic finish really helps jazz the optical effect!

Ebony KaressTM

This laminate has a very solid black finish. Notice the dice on the front with a spot clear gloss foil. You can use this material in replacement of solid black paper!


Just as it's name - this laminate has a touch and look of a traditional linen sheet of paper. We can print your image and then coat it with this product to give you an appearance and feel of linen, with all of the characteristics of a laminate finish!


About as close to leather you can get! Trying to give your products a true leather look and feel? This is your product.


We have a couple of matte products in our laminate portfolio, but this is one of the best if your looking for a real deep rich matte finish.

Mirror MetalizedTM

Looking for special effects? THis product has it! We can print onto this product once we lay the laminate down to create awesome images!

Karess® SmudgeproofTM

This product is also known as soft touch laminate. Very smooth and soft with a special coating to avoid smudges and fingerprints

Light HolografikTM

Another laminate to create a unique special effect for your products. Endless ideas on the creative end!


Another option for soft touch laminate. This product has a great velvet touch and adds a luxurious feel to any project!

Common projects

Laminations can be used on a wide array of projects to help create practical and artistic solutions. Here are some popular applications

  • Menus
  • Maps
  • Instruction sheets
  • pocket folders
  • business cards
  • Boxes
  • Sell Sheets
  • Brochures
  • membership cards
  • Signs

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