Oversized Digital Brochures

Produce standout landscape-folded and oversized brochures at a cost-effective price!


The latest in digital printing technology lets us create landscape-folded and oversized brochures much more cost-effectively than other brochure printing companies online. 


Technically complex brochures like these are typically expensive to print, especially for smaller quantities. But our digital process keeps the costs down and gives you the freedom to order the amount you really want. 


“More than once, the prepress staff have made corrections to my supplied files so that all ran smoothly. The finished products are always as expected or better!”

—Paige H. Orvis, Associate Director of Marketing & Operations, Foundation for Geauga Parks



Custom brochure printing for various folds and sizes—from standard to completely unique


Landscape-folded brochures (8.5 x 11, flat size 8.5 x 22 scored and folded to 8.5 x 11).  Order as few as 100 at an affordable price.


Oversized brochures. Order as few as 50 at an affordable price. You can also opt for a perforated inside panel for easy removal.  This is a great solution for when you need just a little more space in that newsletter.   


From bi-fold brochure printing and tri-fold brochure printing to more complex landscape-folded and oversized choices,  POV Solution gives you a wide range of options so you can find the right brochure to match your needs.


Our online full-color brochure printing process allows you to:

  • Select a brochure template that works effectively with your visual and written content.
  • Choose finishes and paper stock that meet the needs of your brochure’s use.
  • Access our award-winning design and technical support team if you need us!

See our templates to help in your design and to check your folds


8.5 x 11 Bi-fold      

8.5 x 11 Tri-fold      

11 x 17 Bi-fold       

11 x 17 Tri-fold       

8.5 x 22 Bi-fold       

8.5 x 25.25 Tri-fold   

Enjoy custom brochure printing services, including expert design and technical support

By the time you reach out to us for your online order, you may already be behind the 8-ball. And when you’re in a rush, critical details can get missed and design challenges can hold up the process. 

But that’s where POV Solution goes the extra mile with our professional brochure printing services. 

Award-winning design support 

POV Solution is a brochure printing company with a team of award-winning designers to help with the layout of your brochure. When you place an order, let us know if you need help, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

A technical eye for critical details

No matter the size of your project, we do all we can to catch potential problems with your print file—and prevent expensive errors. We’ll be looking to see … 

  • Are your folds right? 
  • Are your bleeds correct? 
  • Is your text too close to the trim area?

If we find a problem, we’ll let you know. You’ll then have the option to fix it yourself, or we can do it for you for an additional cost! 

Proudly providing nonprofit brochure printing services 

“POV Solution is a nonprofit marketing and development person’s best friend.”

—Cheryl Senko, Koinonia Homes

Important brochure distribution considerations

For the best brochure, one tailored exactly to your needs, we can also help make sure you consider the following in your brochure printing and mailing services. 

Brochure UseKey Considerations
Handed out by sales team on the roadBrochures stuffed into suitcases, sitting in briefcases, or traveling around in car trunks take more punishment.
Distributed at trade showsBrochures in a trade show bag can drown in a sea of other collateral. They also can get banged around on their journey back to someone’s desk.
Sent through the mailBrochures that exceed certain sizes and weights will increase your postage. Also, sending without an envelope means adhering to Postal Service design requirements.
Blanketing a wide region or audienceBrochures for general use/mass distribution can lead you to fixate on low per-unit costs. But other factors, like the brochure’s shelf life and your actual needs, can be just as important
Distributed more selectively to qualified recipientsBrochures for more targeted groups demand a different mindset when it comes to their quality, features, and order quantity.
Hold staff over until a new version is printedBrochures due to be updated can get delayed and that can hurt your immediate sales efforts.

Get started today on your brochure printing!

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22x8.5 landscape brochure folded to 8.5x11

Landscape folded brochures (flat size 8.5 x 22 folded to 8.5 x 11; prices for short-run only)

11x25.5 oversized brochure folded to 8.5x11

Oversized brochures (oversized 6-panel brochures finished to 8.5 x 11) (oversized 6-panel brochures finished to 8.5 x 11)

Or place an order with a POV Representative: 

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Please note that POV Solution can create self-mailer sizes not listed and offers other customization options. Contact us for more information or for any questions you have! 

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