Digital Die Cutting

product made with digital die cutting technology

Expand your creative options with affordable digital die cutting

Don’t let cost concerns hold back your imagination! You now have a solution for short-run speciality products and creatively shaped print collateral—and even an affordable way to develop prototypes.

Taking advantage of POV Solution’s digital die cutting services means you can:

  • Use truly unique print collateral that matches your brand and captivates your customers.

  • Create functional items like folders, door hangers, or custom presentation boxes.

  • Make small orders of high-impact pieces for high-potential events or promotions.


Why is digital die cutting such a big deal?

In the past, if you wanted to go beyond basic shapes, sizes, and designs for print collateral, traditional metal-cast dies let you do that. Unfortunately, the cost of those dies, along with the project set-up, often made this option cost-prohibitive.

But things have changed dramatically—at least they have here at POV Solution. 

As the phrase suggests, digital die cutting removes the metal die component and takes advantage of cutting-edge print technology. And for many, that means a once-too-pricey printing technique is now a real possibility.


The possibilities with digital die cutting are endless

What can’t this technology do? Now that it’s more affordable than ever, let the power of digital die cutting help you create truly memorable marketing collateral. POV Solution can help you with a range of possibilities, including:

  • Die cut brochure printing

  • Die cut business card printing

  • Die cut invitation printing

  • Die cut magnet printing

  • Custom presentation boxes


Check out this helpful digital die cutting explainer


This video shows a great example of digitally die cut print insert for a blister pack. This is just one example of the kinds of products we can now produce much more cost-effectively for you.


See how easy digital die cutting has become

Here’s a great way to understand just how cool this technology is and why you get so many benefits from it—from lower costs and faster turnarounds to better quality collateral. Watch our digital die cutting equipment do digital perfing and cutting.


project made with digital die cutting technology


The nuts and bolts of our digital die cutting services

Our digital die cutting equipment is designed for short run projects that do not exceed the dimensions of 20' x 28' (maximum cutting area is 17.91' x 24.83'). Through a process called "contour cutting," the technology uses software to look at your vector based dieline and then translates that file directly to the machine, 

Whether it’s die cut printing, scoring, cutting, perfing, or kiss-cutting—you can control the type of features you want by creating multiple layers in your dielines. 

POV Solution’s digital die cutting can be used for:

  • Paper and cardstock

  • Cardboard 

  • Plastic film

  • Rigid polyester

  • Folding board

  • Magnetic media 

Materials can range from 50# offset up to 26pt board and can handle a sheet size from 5.5" X 8.5" up to 20" X 26".  

To see our digital die cutting in action, check out this demo video of the FB8000PRO digital die cutting system.



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