Create a memorable, multi-sensory experience with textured spot UV printing 

For a fraction of the cost of embossing or specialty papers, textured spot UV printing gives your collateral the intriguing power of touch. This cutting-edge embellishment empowers you to:


  • Present material that holds people’s attention longer thanks to a tactile experience.
  • Match a texture with your brand to drive home your identity.
  • Emphasize specific features of your collateral by using texture.



Take advantage of sensory marketing and gain an edge with textured spot UV printing 

Engaging two senses is way better than just one! POV Solution invested in textured spot UV printing technology to give you an affordable way to gain an edge. 

What kind of edge are we talking about? Research has shown that when people hold and feel your marketing collateral, it can:

  • Initiate an emotional connection to your company.
  • Create a lasting impression.
  • Help persuade people to choose you.

More importantly, these factors are amplified when you add compelling textures. 

What is textured spot UV printing?

Textured spot UV involves applying a special coating to a printed item, which is then cured with UV light. The “spot” part of this embellishment refers to the ability to apply the coating to select portions rather than an entire sheet, which creates a raised texture. 

The UV coating layer is treated as a fifth color that gets applied in an additional machine after the CMYK layer is printed. The spot UV machine is in the same printing line, so these textures can be added quickly and without significant additional labor.

Spot UV textures can evoke the feeling of leather, wood, sand, cloth—the possibilities are vast. 

This video from our partner Duplo shows you cool examples of textured spot UV and illustrates how this game-changing technology works.

If you want more information, reach out to POV for samples to help you start planning your own textured spot UV project.

Produce truly new possibilities by combining textured spot UV with other print features

POV Solution has found a way to leverage cutting-edge digital technology to drive down production costs andopen up a new realm of affordable print possibilities for you.

Combine metallic foil and/or digital die cutting with spot UV texture for incredible results. Or, add soft-touch lamination , for example, over spot UV texture for a velvety feel.  Check out this mini instructional video to see what we mean. Plus, see how to create a textured UV layer in your artwork. 


Check out more possibilities for textured spot UV printing and other print features


POV Solution has spot UV and related equipment that allows us to take on a variety of speciality projects. These include ADA-compliant braille signage and other types of three-dimensional signs, as well as plaques and awards in a variety of shapes. Plus, we can add imprints on mugs, footballs, pens—or just about anything that will fit through our machine!

Get started today on your textured spot UV project! 

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