Over the last several years POV Solution has become recognized as a printing leader in some of the newest technologies in post press finishing.

But we also like to "Bragg" about some of our other post press finishing services. Our newest services that we are providing to the market have been built around a product we have been producing for years - brochure mailers. Taking a step backwards, we have been manufacturing these self contained mailers for years, but only recently brought the finishing end of products under our roof. Maybe not as flashy of a machine that you would expect, however it is one of the only product lines setup in the tri-state area that is folding and glueing brochure mailers, self contained mailers and bangtail projects day in and out!

Like everyone else in the printing business

You dred that call from your customer who is asking how fast can they get it? Those calls launched us into figuring out how we could bring this very specialized manufacturing process to our shop. Over the years we found a few other finishers that could do this type of work but preferred not to because of the complexity and speeds associated with the process - we found ourselves waiting for weeks on end getting our products back from the converts, certainly not the best approach to try to grow your business.

Yes bringing these new finishing services into our business hasn't been easy, but we are now starting to branch out from our foundation of just converting brochure mailers and realising all of the great services we can offer to other printers who have found themselves in the same bind.

The full package

Our convertings services our setup primarily to take brochures of various sizes and dynamic folds and to place a remoistenable glue strip down and to build an envelope that is attached to the brochure. During the same process the brochure is then advanced into a series of folding units that allow us to roll fold our brochures to the final size; Customers love these self contained brochure projects because they have saved upwards of 30% on their project budgets and tremendously simplify their entire campaign process. These brochures also really hel pexcelrate turn around times because you are now only producing one brochure that contains the entire project.

Our Printing facility to help support contract bindery printing services

Certainly when time means everything, the key is to get your project turned around as quickly as possible. We are more then happy to have you send us your product all ready printed and ready for finishing and folding. We do ask that you work with us as you prep your projects so we can help head any problems off at the prepress stage. We do offer a full line of templates that match our standard sizes for our self contained mailers that are available for you to use.

Several of our commercial customers have found it easier, faster and cheaper to have us complete the entire project at our facility. Our digital department has equipment that allows us to print these brochure mailers in short quantities and even offer variable data service through the printed brochure mailers. Higher quantity needed? No problem, we can handle up to six colors in-line with a full coating unit to handle Aqueous gloss, satin, and soft touch services.

Other Applications

It is has been interesting that we now offer these gleing services we have been getting all types of request for glue services. There really are endless opportunities for brochure ideas and concepts that contain printing projects that have some form of tear away slip that goes back into a continued envelope to be sent back to the originator of the mailer. These self brochures with envelopes can also be used for statements and invoices that you are sending to your customers. We have also had a demand for printing order forms that photographers,and fundraisers. Photography order forms are great for school and sporting events when the photographer hands out the request form to the family to take home and complete the ordering process at a latter time.

  • Self Contained Mailers
  • Brochure Mailers
  • Bang Tail Mailers
  • Request Mailing

  • Photography Order Forms
  • Appeal Mailers
  • Returnable Order Forms
  • Billing Request Mailers

Remoistenable Glueing Services

Remoistenable Gluing is the application of laying down a very fine strip of glue that is activated once moisture is applied. This strip in the same that you would find on a standard envelope. We use the application primarily on our brochure mailers and self contained brochures.

Cold Gluing Services

We can do a wide range of cold gluing. Cold gluing is used for many applications but is most commonly known for gluing closed envelopes. The envelopes we make on our self contained brochures are sealed closed with cold glue.

Advance Folding Services

When our bindery manager found out that we were moving into converating brochures into self contained envelope applications - he wanted to run for the hills! Actually we are very fortunate to have the talent we have in our folding department. AS much as you would assume it should be as easy to loading paper and folding, folding is as much of an art as everys step in the graphic arts business. Understanding not only the machines - but how to take different paper finishes, weights and a wide range of folding applications and making it work every time takes years of practice. One of our signatures in the bindery arena is being able to not only create the envelopes, but then take the brochure and "roll " the brochure up to 6 times to a final size

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