Contract printing: a low-risk, high-reward way to expand your capabilities

Boost your revenue, strengthen your reputation, and ultimately grow your business with our niche printing capabilities.

Your customers are looking for an edge, and you want to remain their go-to printer. Help their print collateral stand out while you also keep them coming back for more! 

POV Solution’s contract printing lets you expand your capabilities by selling our services. But we don’t mean just any services. Check out the powerful niche capabilities we’re talking about.

Niche printing capabilities

Become an even stronger printer for your customers by providing embellishments, finishing services, and product lines like the following:

Spot UV coating

Creates a distinctive—and memorable—tactical experience (and even includes ADA-compliant braille printing).

Digital metallic foiling

Makes an elegantly eye-catching feature now more affordable than ever—plus there’s been an explosion of color foil options.

Digital die-cutting

Allows short runs of uniquely shaped, high-impact 3D printed items of whatever your customers can dream up.  

Self-mailer and bangtail brochures

Provide a cost-effective all-in-one alternative mailer that can be a game-changer for your customers’ campaigns.

Remoistenable and cold-glueing services

Give your customers more options for special mailer products.

Bindery services

Finish and fold your products more efficiently than ever—or have us complete the entire project at our facility.


“This was a more economical appeal mailer, and yet it still fit perfectly with our needs. … It was also exponentially less effort for the staff, which is important for a lean team like ours.”

—Eduardo Ayala Fuentes, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art in New York City

Leverage a smart sales tactic with huge benefits

By selling POV Solution’s services to your own customers, you can reap rewards like these:

  • Increase your revenue. Adding sought-after services means more opportunities for sales. 
  • Grow without the growing pains. Use our services to expand your capabilities and grow your business in a low-risk way.
  • Give your customers what they really want. Customers care about options, price, and reliability—not who did what, and where.
  • Strengthen your reputation by offering alternative solutions. Amp up your ability to confidently say, “Yep, we can help you with that.” 
  • “Scale down” if you’re a large printer. Add revenue streams and keep your customers satisfied by offering smaller runs of highly customized print products.
  • Expand your service line, even if you’re a little guy. You don’t have to grow in conventional ways when you build out your suite of services with the help of POV Solution.

Get sales and marketing support to help your efforts

Your salespeople should be able to effectively promote these services when they’re out in the field. That’s why POV Solution also provides:

  • Training on niche capabilities 
  • High-quality samples (with your logo, not ours)
  • Marketing collateral

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