Create 6.75” and #9 remittance envelopes online—backed by design and technical support from POV Solution




With POV Solution’s support team and our custom remittance envelope printing process, you can:

  • Use eye-catching, full-color remittance envelopes 
  • Enjoy a more affordable price thanks to our cost-effective print process
  • Pick your order quantity—smaller amounts are ok!
  • Enjoy valuable design and technical support from our helpful staff

The special design makes it easy to donate and provide information 

Your custom printed remittance envelopes have large, seal-able “wallet” flaps that allow you to request donor information, including: 

  • Name and contact information
  • Giving levels
  • An area for credit card donations
  • An opt-in checkbox to receive your newsletter 
  • Interest in volunteering or other opportunities to show support
  • Any other information you’d like to collect

The full-flap remittance envelope’s design allows a donor to securely include a payment. And once the envelope is sealed, their information is hidden. 

Use nonprofit remittance envelopes in lots of ways

Donation remittance envelopes for nonprofits allow you to expand your reach: 

  • Send fundraising remittance envelopes with your campaign letter or annual appeal
  • Include with marketing and communications collateral
  • Use as convenient church remittance envelopes 
  • Make them easily available at your brick-and-mortar establishment
  • Present on display tables at events
  • Use them to request action—like donating money—in your publications (POV Solution can insert or staple the remittance envelopes.)

Choose templates for 6.75” and #9 remittance envelope sizes 

Pick the size of remittance envelope that best meets your needs.

#9 remittance envelope size is 7.625” x 8.875” (3.875” x 8.875” when folded)

#9 remittance envelope [InDesign and PDF templates]     

6.75” remittance envelope size is 6.5” x 7” (3.625” x 6.5” when folded)

6.75” remittance envelopes [InDesign and PDF templates]             

Combining convenient online printing with expert design and customer/technical support

Ordering your custom remittance envelopes online with POV Solution also gives you access to our exceptional customer support team. They’re happy to provide design services and technical insights that can make a real difference in the success of your brochure. 

Award-winning design support 

POV Solution is a brochure printing company with a team of award-winning designers to help with the layout of your brochure. When you place an order, let us know if you need help, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

A technical eye for critical details

No matter the size of your project, we do all we can to catch potential problems with your print file—and prevent expensive errors. We’ll be looking to see … 

  • Are your folds right? 
  • Are your bleeds correct? 
  • Is your text too close to the trim area?

If we find a problem, we’ll let you know. You’ll then have the option to fix it yourself, or we can do it for you for an additional cost! 

Get started today on your remittance envelope printing!

Use our automated online ordering system. 

Just click on your envelope size and complete the order.

#9 remittance envelope size is 7.625” x 8.875” (3.875” x 8.875” when folded)

6.75” remittance envelope size is 6.5” x 7” (3.625” x 6.5” when folded)

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