We are excited to offer our customers a new range of really cool embellishment services to help you get your products to stand out from the rest within a budget that can work for you!  Just a little more to your project can make a huge difference.  Please take a few minutes and read through our ordering procedures so that you know how to correctly receive immediate and accurate pricing, and exacts on how to place your order when ready.  Of course, at anytime you need extra help, please call us or email us help@povprintingservices.com.


A few Descriptions may be a good place for us to start!

Spot UV, what is it and how does it work?  Spot UV is a clear coating that is applied to your printed project to enhance certain elements.  This technology has been around for several years - but is now becoming much more affordable and with a lot more control of texture, literally allowing you to create images like never before!  Once being printed - the sheet is than passed through an additional machine that will print your "Affect Layer" right onto your printed project. The project is dry as it comes off the machine, so it can be handled immediately.  The effect layer has to be controlled as a graphic element and is treated as a fifth color.  You can now us halftones in your Affect Layer" and the dots will reproduce to create a very unique tactile feel.  

What are base coats?  We apply base coats to our products if you prefer to add more punch or a different type of affects to your project.   You can certainly produce your product with only the Spot UV if you prefer with no additional affects,  Our base coats include a wash high gloss UV, a satin UV finish or a soft-touch laminate finish.  We apply the base coats before we lay down the spot UV affect to the entire sheet.  Base coats can be chosen for double sided or single sided.  We also offer only base coats services with no spot UV.  Depending on your base coat choices, additional time maybe required to produce your product. 

What is finished thickness and how is it controlled?  Finished thickness relates to how prominent the spot UV is produced.  Generally, the industry supports a finished thicknesses from 20 to 40.  20 being a lower height and 40 being very pronounced.  You can only create 1 heigth per pass, so if you want some elements at one height and others at a different, you would have to pass the sheet through the machine multiple times,  Our prices are based on passing the sheet through one time and is based at 40.  If you would like to experiment with 2 passes and other affects, call us to discuss!

Paper stocks and sizes  We can use a wide range of paper and plastic products.  You do not want to use products like offset and opaque sheets or light weight sheets.  Manufacturer recommended weights go from 157gsm (100# coated text) up to 450gsm (28pt C2S).  Paper typse suggested are coated or printable laminate opp (corona treated).  If you are interested in using a product that does not fall into these catagories - we are happy to discuss the product you are looking for or run sample sheets that you send over to us!

We are also offering services for those who have in house printing plants or customers who have a preferred printer and would rather only have us finish the sheets.   For flood UV services or lamination, we can manage a wide range of products.  If you are planning on sending printed product to us for Spot UV Services only PLEASE MAKE SURE to contact our prepress department prior to producing your product.  It is very important to make sure your product is printed correctly WITH OUR crop marks and correct positioning on the sheet.  We will not be able to register your affect correctly if you have not followed are exact procedure.  

Metallic foils and special die cuts.  Other examples of embellishment services can include metallic foils and special die cuts.  We do offer all of these services but are way to complex to try to create a price without seeing what you are working on.  Please send us a die-line or sample to us first so that we can review and get you special pricing.  A really cool effect is to place down a foil and then spot UV that area!  We have samples we can share with you on all of our affects!  Send your sample project to us at help@povprintingservices.com

Bindery Service are available.  We do have a full bindery department available to complete your project if required.  We can also pass your projects back to you if you can finish the project or have another finisher involved.  Please keep in mind that grain direction is critical especially if you are folding your project.  If you are at all concerned about grain direction or how to tell what the grain direction is going to be, please call us so that we can discuss!  In order to trim your project, please make sure that you give us at least 1/8th bleed on all sides of your project.  You are not going to want to run a Spot UV affect across a fold or perforated area, it will crack.  Bindery services can also add additional time onto your project.

Our prices include a  score before we fold your final project.  These are not letterpress or die-cut scores.  These services are available for additional cost, but please call if you prefer those advanced services.  If product has been provided to us for an affect plus bindery services  - we reserve the right to "pass" on the bindery aspects if panels are not set correctly, grain direction is not correct, ink not dry, etc.  We would notify you immediately if we would expect to have a problem.

Let's talk about artwork and the services we offer.  In our on-line ordering pricing engines, we offer 3 levels for you to choose from when it comes to layout.  What is Layout?  In this discussion - layout is referred to as the Affect Layer that is being used to create the Spot UV.  If you do not have a separate layer that can be separated, we cannot create the affect.

1).  Imposition:  What is the imposition?  The imposition is how you are going to run the project on your machine, either press or copier.  Our system is very sophisticated and crops and setbacks must be exact - or your project will not register correctly.  We have several standard impositions you can download and use - but for special projects, let us know if you need help so that we can make sure your project will be successful!  We recommend if your note sure - just ask!

2).  UV Layer Digitally Ready:  If you choose this option - you have already checked your affect layer, it separates correctly according to our standards and can be produced directly

3).  We need UV Layer help:  If you choose this option - please attach your file and send it over to us with your order.  We can only work with certain software packages (adobe) to help correct your files.  Our first priority will be to evaluate your files and confirm we can help.  We will reach out to you to confirm the affect and  either make the changes or assist you in helping you get the files correct.

4).  Build the UV Layer:  We have a base cost associated with this service.  This is the average cost to create a a layer affect only.  You are to supply the color graphics already complete  - we are only building the layer for the spot UV.  Additional cost may apply if the supplied graphic files are not easily accessible or the effect requires additional time due to its complexity.  In any situation, once we receive your order we will contact you to review the project before we begin.  If additional cost are associated, we will notify you before we begin and will be due at that time.  

How to Determine Coverage - One of the biggest cost factors with spot UV is the amount of coverage you are going to have on your project. Our prices have all been based on averages based on medium coverage.  It is almost impossible to have one model that can cover it all.  With this being said, our prices maybe high and we are happy to review your project to get a verification cost for you!  If you our only doing small areas let us know first for special pricing.  At the same time, we do offer a heavier option if you are going to coat a large area.  If your project exceeds our "large area" qualifications, we will contact you with additional pricing.

Here are examples of UV plates that are considered to have average coverage.


Proofing:  Please Make sure you understand our proofing procedures.  We always encourage our customers to take the time to do the proper proofs for your project.  Especially with the cost that is associated with your project being produced and shipping, it get's very expensive very quickly with mistakes!  As much as we are worried about accuracy and want all of your experiences to be positive with POV, if you choose not to see a proof or get a hard copy, we are not liable for mistakes or if the effect isn't what you expected.

For all of our proofing options, if you require a second proof, this charge will be billed extra to the base cost and will be due prior to shipping the final project.  Any files that are received after 1:00 pm eastern time, will not be handled until the next business day.  Depending on the effect we are creating, our goal is to get a proof into UPS within 48 hours of receipt.  48 Hours is based on you sending artwork digital ready.  We keep a copy of your project in your job folder, so you do not need to send your proof back to us.  

After you receive your proofs, we ask that you contact us direct to release the project for production or discuss concerns and changes.

1).  No Proof - This is obviously self explanatory, you are assuming all responsibilities for your project, for good an bad!  Projects will be received and processed

2).  Standard UPS when proofs are ready - We will image your project with the desired affect and will send you a proof via UPS regular service.  It is not guaranteed, but proofs should be into UPS with 48 hours after receipt.

3).  Need an express on proofs, overnight UPS - If you choose this option, we will have Epson proofs back into UPS within 24 hours.  Again, certain affects can take longer.  If we cannot get the proofs into ups with 24 hours we will contact you immediately.

4).  We will pickup, call when ready - If you are in our area and would prefer to pickup your proofs or have them couried, pick this option.  We will contact you when they are ready!

Bindery Services - We have a full bindery department and offer full finishing services for all of our customers.  We have listed several options that you can add onto your embellishment orders.  Please make sure to be as specific as possible when you are putting your order together so we know exactly how to finish your project.  If you prefer to call to discuss - just let us know!

A few very important notes about bindery - if we are handling your supplied paper product, we will review the entire project to confirm you have correct bleeds, panels measure correctly to be trimmed and folded and the grain is correct.  We will refuse to finish projects that are missing important elements that are required for success.  Please remember that you can not run the Spot UV affect over the fold areas - it will crack.

How does the timeline work for production - Our goal for production is to move all of projects through as quickly as possible.  The delivery timeline does not begin UNTIL we receive a proof approval.  Approvals that come back to us after 1:00 pm eastern may not get handled until the next business day.  Certain coating affects can cause extra time.  If you need bindery services, extra time may also be needed.  If we are going to have a difficult time meeting our timelines, we will make every attempt to keep you posted.

Standard Time - Based on basic affects and basic bindery services, we plan to have your project out of our office within 3 to 5 business days.

Express Service - If you choose to have your project rushed through, we will contact you after we receive your project to confirm all production and delivery information.

How do we calculate shipping correctly?   Okay - yes shipping is a little tricky to figure out!  If we are producing the full project, digital reproduction and the UV Embellishments - weights and cost will be accurate.  If we are only doing to UV embellishments and you have supplied the paper - we have used only a base cost to "full" the pricing engine to work to put the order in.  If you have chosen UPS services, our office will contact you once the project is complete with the final shipping cost that will be due prior to shipping your project back to you!