We are excited that you are sharing possible stories and event wrap ups!

Primary Sponsor: $1,500 per issue $4,500 total

  • $1,500 per issue, for a commitment of three issues. Payment to be made prior to each release
  • Exposure of organization name and logo in primary Geauga County business meetings/events Example Geauga Growth Events
  • Literature / mailings / all handouts that occur during your contracted time period will carry your organization's name and logo
  • You are to be recognized as a contributor in our Geauga Growth Internship Scholarship Campaign and other campaigns involving our education commitment to Geauga County
  • Organization is to be on the title page of the GB Magazine / promotion materials such as giveaways
  • You will have the option for one 2 pager article written on your business during the 3 issues you are supporting
  • For the other 2 issues, you are asked to give your pages away to a non-profit or another business in Geauga County you know or work with as an “in-kind” donation. In those articles you will also receive ⅓ of that page with a column to represent your business / mission statement / etc. We are to interview, write and photograph the groups you choose.
  • Your organization will be listed on the home page https://povprintingservices.com/page/geauga-business-magazine with a hyperlink to your website
  • Sponsors will receive 25 extra magazines as giveaways
  • Sponsors will be noted on all social media campaigns, blasts, etc.

Two Page Article Advertiser: $2,000.00 for one issue

  • Our team will write an article on your organization
  • GBQ to send photographer to your location, located in Geauga County
  • An interview will be conducted in person and a 2 page article will be written
  • Customer will get all rights to the article and supplied a high res - PDF
  • Your Organization will be given 25 extra magazines 


Please have a magazine representative reach out to me for more information.

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