Our digital technology makes raised spot UV business cards more affordable

Create a fabulous first impression with textured and raised lettering business cards

Say goodbye to ho hum business cards! Textured and raised lettering business cards create an experience that gets you noticed and remembered.  

  • Make ‘em irresistible to touch AND read 
  • Create more of a keepsake and less of a throwaway
  • Save around -- to --% thanks to our unique digital printing process 

“The textured business cards have been a great added bonus to our marketing. The 3D embellishment also creates a nice spot for your thumb to hold when passing out your card.”

—Keileigh Klei, Davis Automotive Group

Textured spot UV business cards harness the power of touch

Add spot UV texture for a fraction of the cost of embossing or using a specialty paper. Then turn your card into a multi-sensory experience.

  • Evoke your brand with textures resembling glass, wood grain, chrome, water, and more
  • Drive home your identity with lettering that jumps off the card and invites touch 
  • Do more than just state who you are—impress with a higher quality, textured card

Raised foil business cards and laminated business cards are now more affordable than ever

Foil business card image

Metal dies are no longer needed for foil printing, allowing for smaller yet still cost-effective orders. Elevate the elegance and quality of your business cards with foil features.

  • Create an upscale style that’s perfect for luxury products or services  
  • Draw the eye to specific elements like a name, logo, or years of business
  • Make the card a dazzling piece of collateral with foil’s reflective features

Laminate business card image

And with our soft-touch laminating option, you can make business cards pop with:

  • Mirror and holographic-like effects
  • Simulated textures like velvet, linen paper, or metallic-like finishes
  • Coatings in a rainbow of colors to show you’re anything but ordinary

Image of multi-embellishments card

In fact, you can combine spot UV texture, foil printing, and lamination to create truly astounding business cards.

H2: Get started today on your raised lettering and textured business cards!

How to place an order

Step 1: Determine the information you want to convey on your business card. 

Step 2: Choose a template, insert your content and imagery, and create your business card. 

Step 3: Choose how many business cards you need, decide if you want to use our mailing services, and submit your order.

Design steps you should know about raised UV business cards

Design step 1: Your artwork should be built in 4 color CMYK images at 300 DPI.

Design step 2: Make sure you have at least 1/8" (0.125") around all edges for bleeds—ink that goes beyond the edge.

Design step 3: We recommend that you don't go below 8 points and avoid printing fine lines or small text.

Design step 4: Your UV layer needs to be set up as a 5th color and for best results a vector-based image.

Design step 5: To avoid running your raised UV off the edge of the sheet, please make sure that you include crop marks with your artwork.